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Limitless Love Anthology

Love can be defined as “a quality or feeling of strong or constant affection for and dedication to another.” 


They say “love wins,” for that to be true, we must embrace all types, especially those that have been otherwise underrepresented. 


Thirteen authors have come together to make a difference by showcasing that love in all its forms is limitless. 


Limitless Love is an anthology full of different polyamorous stories with proceeds going to charity in order to showcase that if you fight for the life and relationships you believe in, then love truly does win. 


Featuring stories from: 


Aurora Crane

Colette Davison 

Abrianna Denae

E.M. Denning

Elouise East

L Eveland 

MJ Green

J.L. Gribble

Gianni Holmes

Leigh Kenzie 

Duckie Mack

Michele Notaro

A.N. Waugh

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